Specialty General Contracting

"Helping to Sustain Agriculture"

Established in 1935, Andgar Corporation has specialized in all facets of construction and project management. With the help of their numerous skilled and experienced employees Andgar Corporation has proven to be a leader of Specialized General Contracting. By establishing an excellent reputation as a multi-faceted, but integrated company Andgar Corporation has partnered with DVO, Inc. a United States technology provider to market, construct, and general contract their two-stage mixed plug flow anaerobic digester to all owners across the Pacific Northwest. The benefits of a DVO, Inc./Andgar Corporation anaerobic digester is the integration of the entire system from start to finish including permitting, utility correspondence, and manure handling into your existing or new construction farm. DVO, Inc.'s patented design produces large volumes of biogas and high quality fiber with the ability to receive organic substrates in addition to animal waste. Most importantly DVO, Inc.'s patented anaerobic digester is PROVEN to be successful in hot and cold climates and works well with scrape, flush, and vacuum manure collection systems. Andgar Corporation is in the business of turning animal waste and other organic wastes into profits for the owner, while simultaneously improving the environment for every person in the world.


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