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Blueberry Processing Equipment & Line Design

If you are in the market for blueberry processing equipment or a complete processing line please consider the advantages of working with an experienced manufacturer.  You have a limited window of time to process your crop so you need a manufacturer that clearly understands the many challenges you face during your blueberry production season. But even more importantly, you need a manufacturer that understands how to effectively solve these challenges with equipment that is designed, engineered and implemented to ensure that your operation will run smoothly and efficiently during this very intense time.

You can't always control the field quality of your fruit so you need a blueberry production line that allows you to produce "A" grade quality consistently, even in those tougher quality years. Andgar specializes in making sure your blueberry processing equipment gives you every opportunity to maximize your ability to effectively grade and sort your blueberries to ensure the highest quality pack possible.  This experience has been built on years of helping many of the largest and most reputable blueberry processors in Canada and the U.S. achieve this goal.

Here are the equipment, priorities and keys we focus on and services we provide to ensure the blueberry processing solution we put in your facility will give you every opportunity to succeed:

  • Foreign Material Removal
    This is an increasing issue that your customers and their QA personnel focus on with more scrutiny each passing year. We manufacture highly efficient stone trap equipment and also partner with the industries other leading foreign material removal specialists like Key Technology, Safeline and Eriez to implement equipment strategies that will keep your packed product safe.
  • Highly Efficient Electronic Vision Sorting
    If you are planning to run 6,000 or more pounds per hour, you can't afford not to have at least one or more electronic sorters on your blueberry processing line. Our blueberry color sorter gives you up to 95% and higher sorting efficiency at production volumes of up to 20,000 lbs per hour (even when the incoming fruit stream has 30% or more unacceptable fruit).
  • Destemming Equipment
    We provide engineered blueberry destemming solutions for removal of blueberry stems pre and post freezing. The rod blueberry destemmer that we use on straight-pack lines, or prior to freezing on IQF lines, efficiently destems blueberries at rates of up to 12,000 lbs per hour (90% destemming efficiency can be expected, depending on the size, variety and maturity of the fruit). After freezing, we remove the remaining stems with our tumbling drum that is entirely adjustable so that you can be aggressive as necessary to ensure you remove any remaining stems. 
  • Sizing Equipment
    We implement sizing solutions that provide "true" sizing efficiency. Unlike traditional string/band sizers that size in one direction, our sizers draw the sized fruit through a "true" round hole to ensure that the sized fruit complies with your size standard. All of our sizing solutions are engineered and designed to efficiently size grade your fruit at your maximum production rates.
  • Blueberry Sanitation
    We partner with Dry Fog US and Biosafe to deliver highly efficient bacteria and spore control systems for your blueberry processing line. Food safety is your leading concern so we've also made it our leading concern. Chlorine is no longer an effective controller of food born pathogens. Biosafe's proprietary peroxygen solutions actually "oxidize" bacteria and pathogens providing an effective "kill step" on your blueberry production line. Whats more, Biosafe's proprietary chemicals completely evaporate, leaving absolutely no chemical residue on your berries. This is why they are approved by OMRI for use in certified organic facilities.
  • Dewatering Systems
    We manufacture customized water stripping systems that remove excess surface water from your blueberries to prevent blocking in your straight pack boxes and/or to improve the look of your IQF frozen fruit. Depending on the goals and parameters of a given operation, dewatering shakers are another method we commonly use to remove excess water from the fruit.
  • Air Cleaning and Stick Removal
    Depending on how much debris your blueberry pack has in it, an air cleaner might not provide you with enough debris cleaning capacity to ensure a clean pack. You might require an additional piece of equipment called a stick remover. This unit removes the larger branches and debris prior to the air cleaner to increase the efficiency of the air cleaner and to allow for better over-all debris removal on your blueberry line.
  • Line Flow Metering Hoppers
    Consistent flow on your blueberry production line is crucially important to make all of the other equipment and inspection personnel on the line work to their optimal efficiency.  We engineer finely adjustable metering hoppers that allow the packer to accurately control production levels to maximize the performance and efficiency of all subsequent equipment on the line. 
  • Industry Leading Sanitary Design
    All Andgar manufactured blueberry processing equipment is designed and engineered to minimize your cleaning and sanitizing downtime. We use Volta SuperDrive belting on virtually all of our conveyors which is the easiest belting on the market to clean and keep sanitary. We use curved or angled surfaces wherever possible on cross and support members to prevent entrapment and we design our conveyors and equipment for very easy cleaning access, including easy access to the underside of conveyor belts and all drive components. 
  • Industry Proven Components & Manufacturing
    Andgar only sources industry-proven, high-end components for all of our equipment. We want to make sure your blueberry equipment will keep you running 24 hours a day throughout your intense production schedule. As you know, break-downs during the season can cost you thousands of dollars in wage losses alone and depending on storage conditions, delaying production can also compromise the quality of your fruit.  
  • Blueberry Processing Expertise & Consulting
    Andgar continues to work with the most established and experienced blueberry processors in the blueberry industry. When it comes to processing blueberries, we've learned first hand over the years what works the best and what doesn't. This practical knowledge is invaluable to processors like you that are planning to expand your operations, upgrade your blueberry processing equipment, or start a blueberry processing line from scratch.   
  • Blueberry Processing Design & Engineering
    At Andgar, we use a very exciting design tool called 3D SolidWorks that literally allows you to interact with the layouts and designs we develop for you. With the benefits of 3D, you can visualize potential issues a lot more quickly than with traditional 2D design tools. We use this tool both pre and post sale to ensure that you have a very confident understanding of what your layout/solution will look like prior to buy off and before manufacturing.

Please call us today Toll Free: (888)437-2144 so that we can apply our knowledge and experience to your blueberry processing needs.